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United Nations Coordination of Outer Space Activities

Space Solutions for the World's Problems

From the earliest days of space exploration, the United Nations recognised the important role that space-related technolgies can play in improving the human condition throughout the globe. To this end, the United Nations and it specialised agencies conduct a coordinated programme of activities utilising these technologies to their fullest. This website has been created to further enhance that purpose and is intended to provide current and comprehensive information on space related activities of the United Nations system.

The United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities convenes annually to discuss current and future activities, emergent technologies of interest and other related matters. The meeting issues a report on it deliberations for the consideration of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, the primary UN body that deals with peaceful uses of space and international cooperation in outer space. The meeting also produces, on behalf of the Secretary-General, a report on the coordinated space-related activities of the UN system.

What's New

  • United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities, 13-14 May 2014, New York
    • A/AC.105/1064: Report of the Inter-Agency Meeting on Outer Space Activities on its thirty-fourth session
      [ Arabic ] [ Chinese ] [ English ] [ French ] [ Russian ] [ Spanish ]
    • A/AC.105/1063: Coordination of space-related activities within the United Nations system: directions and anticipated results for the period 2014-2015 - addressing the post-2015 development agenda
      [ Arabic ] [ Chinese ] [ English ] [ French ] [ Russian ] [ Spanish ]
  • Open Informal Session on "Engaging Space Tools for Development on Earth - Contribution of Space Technology and Applications to the Post-2015 Development Agenda", 14 May 2014


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© 2007 UNOOSA, All Rights Reserved